Cheryl Cole to Sing on X Factor Live Show 2012

Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is set to appear on one of the live shows in the current UK series.

Cheryl and her management will be hoping her live performance, along with her earlier appearance in the judges houses round will give her career a needed boost.

Sales of Cheryl’s current album A Million Lights and tickets for her upcoming UK tour have so far failed to meet expectations. These relatively low figures are most likely due to the ex Girls Aloud stars absence from our TV screens since leaving her full-time X Factor role.

As current judge Tulisa will surely attest to, being seen by millions of television viewers each week doesn’t hurt your profile and record sales.

For a performer like Cheryl Cole profile and keeping up appearances is everything. In today’s world of celeb culture regular media appearances is at least as important to a pop stars success as the music itself.

Although Cheryl is keen to once again use the X Factor to increase exposure she doesn’t want to go backwards and only be famous due to the show.