Do North Korea have nuclear weapons?

Question: Do North Korea currently have access to nuclear weapons?

Answer: According to multiple worldwide news and intelligence reports, the general consensus seems to be that North Korea does have access to nuclear weapons.

However, according to United States intelligence assessments, America doesn’t believe the North Koreans have the type necessary for long range nuclear missile strikes. Their findings suggest North Korea’s nuclear weapons are currently too large and too heavy for this purpose.

That being said, the fact that in early April, 2013 America begun moving some of it’s missile defense systems to the Pacific island of Guam suggests the US are not taking any chances.

Even if the state doesn’t posses nuclear missiles that can reach Americas west coast, it can’t rule out strike attempts using more conventional missiles.

Plus even if Hawaii and the US West Coast are out of range, missile interceptors may be needed in order to protect other Asian countries like Japan and of course South Korea.

It should be noted though that North Korea itself does claim to have suitable nuclear devices for use against it’s southern neighbors or the US, should they themselves be attacked.