Would Saturn Float in Water?

Question: How Dense is the Planet Saturn, would it float in water?

Answer: The planet Saturn actually has a very low density level, to be precise it’s 0.68 grams per cubic centimeter. The interesting fact about Saturn’s density or lack of is it would even float in water.  Not that your ever likely to find a big enough body of water to try it out in.

When you think about it though Saturn is a gas giant and of course in water, most gas bubbles generally rise to the surface.

However this would only be true if Saturn would be able to maintain it’s structure when put in water which due to it having no solid outer surface wouldn’t theoretically happen.

You’d imagine it would simply spread out over the surface of the water. Again this would also be effected by what is already above the water, another gas, a vacuum or something else.

Saying Saturn would float in water is a very theoretical statement and simply means the general density of the planet is lower than that of water.

So would Jupiter float in water? The same cannot be said of fellow gas giant Jupiter who’s density is around double that of Saturn’s and therefore also greater than waters.

This greater density along with it’s huge size explains why Jupiter is able to exert such enormous gravitational forces within our solar system.