How Many Episodes of Wonders of Life are there?

How many episodes are there in the Prof Brian Cox series, Wonders of Life?

In total there are five episodes in the first and so far only series of ‘Wonders of Life’, these are:

Episode 1: What is Life?

Episode 2: Expanding Universe

Episode 3: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Episode 4: Size Matters

Episode 5: Home

The series, hosted magnificently by Brian Cox features a fascinating mix of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and of course some very cute lion cubs.

However to follow things properly the show will require your full attention, this isn’t what you’d call a casual watch and is in no way dumbed down.

The Prof guides viewer’s as he takes an alternative look at the natural world here on Earth.

It say it all that after viewing Wonders of Life, Sir David Attenborough himself singled out the physicist as his natural successor.