How much can you earn in the UK without paying tax?

Question: How much money can you now earn in the UK without having to pay income tax?

Answer: For the tax year starting in April, 2013, the amount of money someone born after the 5th of  April, 1948 can earn tax free is £9,440.

This means an individual under the age of 65 who earns less than that amount for the year, will pay no income tax at all.

This personal allowance has increased significantly from £8,105 for the tax years 2012-2013 and £7,475 during 2011-2012.

However the chancellor announced in the 2013 budget that from April, 2014 the limit will be going up again to £10,000.

For people over the ages of 65 or 75, these tax free earning limits are higher again, visit the governments official website for further details.