Lager Calories Per Pint – How Many Calories in a Pint of Lager Beer?

If your looking to cut back on your calorie intake or just curious about how many calories are in your favorite lager here’s the info your looking for.

As with soft drinks, calories taken in from alcoholic beverages often get overlooked but regardless of where the calories come from, they all count.

This list shows you the calories per pint found in some the worlds most popular lager beers:

Brand of Lager and Calories Per Pint

Bavaria Premium Non-Alcoholic Beer 142

Becks Blue Alcohol Free Lager 108

Skol Lager 153

Carlsberg Export 176

Coors Light 182

Carling 187

Fosters 193

Fosters Gold 193

Becks Bier 204

Fosters Export 210

Fosters Ice 210

Castlemaine xxxx 222

Amstel Bier 227

Budweiser 227

Bud Light 227

Bud Ice 227

Heineken 227

Labatts 227

Labatt Ice 227

Grolsch 244

Heineken Export 256

Stella Artois 256

Carlsberg Special Brew 392


Some other alcoholic pints:

Strongbow (Cider) 199

Guinness (Stout) 210

Magners (Cider) 233

As you can see, generally the higher alcoholic percentage premium beers contain more calories per pint. However if drinking stronger lagers means you drink less actual pints then you shouldn’t be taking in more calories overall.

If your going to drink the same amount though regardless of alcoholic percentage, your waist line may thank you for choosing a lower calorie pint.

As with most foods and drinks, any of these lagers (with the possible exception of Special Brew) are fine if consumed in moderation.