Drama in Men’s Team Gymnastics Olympic Final

Day three of the 2012 Olympic games saw China’s men win gold in a dramatic team gymnastics final in London. Although China themselves were able to retain their Olympic title with a score of 275.997 without too many problems, the battle for the silver and bronze positions was much closer.

Initially second place was taken by Team GB with the Ukraine in third and Japan just missing out on the medals in fourth. However after the contest had finished the Japanese Team questioned the score given to their triple world champion gymnast Kohei Uchimura in his last routine on the pommel horse. Uchimura partially lost control as he dismounted at the end of his routine then was initially penalized too much dropping Japan down to fourth.

This error in scoring then promoted Great Britain to Silver and Ukraine to Bronze. After about 10 minutes of deliberating by the Olympic officials Japans appeal was upheld lifting them to the Silver position, demoting Team GB to second and Ukraine out of the medals.

A chorus of boo’s from the home fans rang out around the O2 Arena as the change was announced but this didn’t last long as fans soon realized how big an achievement this still was for the British gymnasts who had done well to even make the final.

Here are the full Olympic Men’s Team Gymnastics Final Results:

1) Gold – China 275.997

Yibing Chen

Zhe Feng

Weiyang Guo

Chenglong Zhang

Kai Zou

2) Silver – Japan 271.952

Ryohei Kato

Kazuhito Tanaka

Yusuke Tanaka

Kohei Uchimura

Koji Yamamuro

3) Bronze – Great Britain 271.711

Sam Oldham

Daniel Purvis

Louis Smith

Kristian Thomas

Max Whitlock

4) Ukraine 271.526

5) USA 269.952

6) Russia 269.603

7) Germany 268.019

8) France 265.441

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