Neil Armstrong Will Be the Most Famous Person in Human History

Despite never wanting to be in the spotlight or seek fame and fortune I believe Neil Armstrong will rightly go down as the most famous person in the history of mankind.

The simple reason for this is he was and all importantly, always will be the first human to set foot on another world. After all the billions of humans to come before him he was the first to make that truly giant leap.

No matter how long into the future the human race goes on, thousands, millions or even billions of years, and no matter how many other worlds we visit Neil Armstrong will always remain the first, a true pioneer.

Even with all the amazing technology we have today, to have people fly to the moon, land and then come back to earth to tell the story is still our greatest technological and momentous achievement.

Just think about the most famous people in the world right now and in recent history, who among them will be widely known in say 10,000 years time? Perhaps a few of the key inventors and scientists but surely as time goes on space travel and visiting other worlds will become even more prominent and possibly essential in human culture.

Children will always be taught that Neil Armstrong was the first person to ever walk on the moon and there’ll be that big bright reminder in the night sky.

If ever you ask someone today to list key moments in human history the moon landings will always be right up there and justly so.

In this age of flash in the pan, famous for being famous celeb culture it’s good to know that the one’s who attain true and lasting glory are not those who go seeking it but instead those who achieve great things, pushing forward human evolution.

The fastest, the strongest, the smartest, these titles are all great but constantly change hands but first? That’s forever.