When is RUSH the movie coming out in 2013?

RUSH – Universal Pictures

Question: When is the F1 movie RUSH coming out?

Answer: Here is the latest official trailer for the upcoming Formula One movie RUSH which now has a cinema release date set for Friday, September 27, 2013.

The movie is based on the real life F1 rivalry of Britain’s James Hunt and Austria’s Niki Lauda, focusing on the drama both on and off track.

In particular the film follows the 1976 Formula One season when Lauda was driving for Ferrari and Hunt drove for McLaren.

For those of you who don’t know who came out on top, I won’t go into anymore details in case it takes anything away from the viewing experience.

Unlike the highly popular Senna movie, RUSH which is directed by Ron Howard is not a documentary, instead the move features actors and recreated racing scenes.

Judging by this latest trailer, the on track action which can be tricky to get right on the big screen, looks full of drama and very promising.