Should You Exercise or Workout with a Cold?

Question: Should you workout or cardiovascular exercise while you have a cold or the flu?

Answer: One common rule many people follow is that it’s not so bad to exercise or do weight training if you just have a head cold and your chest is fine but you should rest if it’s effecting your chest.

A simple and safe rule to follow if you wish to get over your cold as quickly as possible is to avoid training and get plenty of rest. The fact is when you have a cold your body needs all the strength and energy it can get in order to fight off the infection.

Any physical exercising you do drains your body of what little energy it has therefore weakening your immune system and prolonging the cold.

Doing any kind of workout while you have a chest infection, especially an intense weight training session is strictly warned against by doctors. Doing this can over stress the body and lead to much more serious health issues.

Another factor to consider if you train at a public gym is the fact you’d be spreading your germs all around and over the equipment to pass on to other people. If you were fully fit and healthy would you want people with colds coming to the gym and training next to you?

When you are fully healthy getting regular exercise can help prevent catching colds and the flu in the first place. However while your feeling unwell it’s best to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs.

It may feel like your being by lazy missing a workout but in the long term it will be for the best.

Your best bet is to take it easy, keep yourself warm, drink lots of water and take plenty of vitamin C until the cold has cleared. If your in any doubt or concerned about how you are feeling you should always consult a doctor.