Stargazing Live 2013 Series 3 Episode 2

In episode 2 of Stargazing Live 2013 Dara O’Briain and Professor Brian Cox take a look way back in time.

We’ll be peering into the furthest reaches of the universe, millions of light years away to discover more about the universe’s history.

Liz Bonnin continues her behind the scenes report from NASA in the United States. In this episode Liz will be meeting the men and women working on what is set to be the largest ever space telescope.

The James Webb Space Telescope which is set to be launched in 2018 is designed to be 100 times as powerful as Hubble. It is hoped the JWST will be able to view the oldest galaxies which were formed will our universe was still in it’s infancy.

Meanwhile astronomer Mark Thompson will be teaching viewers what we can learn about stars from their individual colours. Let’s hope for some clearer sky’s tonight.

The show is immediately followed by Stargazing Live: Back to Earth were experts and special guests discuss and answer viewers questions. Mark Thompson will also be giving his star cast and showing some of the best astronomical pictures that viewers have sent in.