The Simpsons Season 24 Premiere

The worlds favorite cartoon family The Simpsons return this Sunday, September 30th at 8/7c on Fox.

In the Season 24 Premiere entitled Moonshine River Bart takes a trip to Homers least favorite place, New York City.

There Bart meets up with his past love Mary Spuckler (voiced by Zooey Deschanel) who is the daughter of slack jawed yo-cal Cletus.

Bart originally met Mary in the episode Apocalypse Cow back in 2008. Now in 2012 Mary has left her family and Springfield behind in the hope of making a fresh start and reinventing herself in the Big Apple.

In Moonshine River it’s believed Bart also comes across a number of his other of his ex girlfriends played by the likes of Sarah Silverman, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman. Not bad for a 10 year old.

While in New York Lisa and Marge attempt to get hold of some Broadway tickets which ultimately prove to be too expensive for them.

Instead the two are forced to take free tickets for the play Shakespeare in the Park where it turns out you get what you pay for. For a sneak peek of Moonshine River click here to visit the Fox Website.

Bart’s sweetheart Mary Spuckler is also expected to appear in another Simpson episode later in the series called Love is a Many Splintered Thing.