Why did HRT leave F1?

Question: What happened to the HRT Hispania F1 racing team, why did they leave Formula One?

Answer: The HRT F1 team, previously known as Hispania Racing failed to find a buyer for the team and as a result have not entered the 2013 Formula One season.

Under it’s various names, the Spanish team had already changed owners a number of times.¬†They were first sold by founder Adrian Campos before their F1 debut in 2010 and then again mid-season in 2011.

Towards the end of the 2012 season the current owners, Thesan Capital had been looking to sell HRT before the FIA deadline of November 30.

The owners failed to sell the team and HRT were not entered in time to take part in the 2013 season and the company is now believed to be in liquidation.

Therefore it’s unlikely we’ll see HRT back in the sport, especially when you consider their huge lack of success on track.

HRT failed to ever score a single championship point during their three years in F1.