When is Black Friday?

When is Black Friday in the USA?

In the United States Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year. Stores and online retailers offer huge sales and special offer discounts just for Black Friday.

This is officially considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping period.

Many multinational online retailers now offer special deals to residents throughout the world, not just to their American customers.

When is Black Friday? In 2012 Black Friday falls on November the 23rd.

The name originally came from the huge amount of traffic which had become a feature of this day each year following Thanksgiving. More recently Black Friday’s name has been linked to shops starting to make profit (getting into the black) at this time of year.

When is Black Friday in the UK?

In the UK Black Friday is also the name given to the last Friday before Christmas which is often the busiest night of the year for pubs and clubs.

This is usually the last day of work for many British residents and therefore a chance to go straight out drinking to celebrate.

As a result of all the drinking this Friday is commonly also the busiest night of the year for British police forces.

For those who like to go out for a nice quite relaxing drink around Christmas time, Black Friday is probably a good night to stay in.

In 2012 for the UK this Black Friday takes place on the 23rd of December, if the world hasn’t ended two days earlier.