What is Sim Racing?

The term Sim Racing describes the use of driving and motorsport based computer simulators.

Racing sim’s are similar to normal computer driving games but are designed to more accurately replicate the experience of real driving.

The computer software is designed to match the real world physics of how cars behave as closely as possible.

Whereas in a normal game you can get away with braking too late or turning into a corner too fast, in a racing sim you will most likely spin or go off the track as you would in a real car.

Another key difference between games and sim’s is the hardware used to control your virtual car. In the world of sim racing control pads and keyboards are a big no no.

In order to precisely control the car and best recreate the experience of real driving sim racers use steering wheels and pedals that are designed especially for this purpose.

The combination of realistic software physics and driving controls result in an experience that is as close as you can get to real race car driving.

In fact modern technology has now allowed some simulations to become so realistic that professional racing drivers actually use them to practice on.

Some of the more realistic sim’s available to the public include iRacing, rFactor and Assetto Corsa.

Sim Racing is itself becoming a highly competitive hobby for many people with races taking place all the time online. iRacing alone hosts hundreds of races every day and even features officially sanctioned championship’s.