What is the Petition to Secede?

With regards to the United States of America, what is the Petition to Secede?

The Petition to Secede which is currently in the news is a collection of online petitions being submitted to the White Houses official website, We The People.

The subjects of these particular petitions are residents of individual US states requesting peaceful withdrawal from the US union.

The desire of many US residents to have their home state leave the union has mainly come to prominence since the re-election of American President, Barack Obama.

The word Secedes definition means to formally withdraw from an alliance, federal union, religious or political organisation.

The White House has previously made a promise that any online petition submitted to their website which receives 25,000 or more signatures within 30 days of posting will be reviewed by their Administration.

After any review an official response would then be issued. Whether or not a review will lead to any further investigation or action being taken is however another matter.

Currently all 50 American states have a petition running each carrying varying numbers of signatures. The petition representing the residents of Texas has already reached the required 25,000 which should lead to an official comment from President Obama.