When is Rihanna 777 documentary being broadcast?

Rihanna – Photo from Chris B & MyCanon

Question: When is the Rihanna 777 documentary film being shown on TV?

Answer: The behind the scenes concert film ‘Rihanna 777’ will be broadcast on Monday, May 6, 2013 on Fox.

The film which follows the singer Rihanna gets it’s name from the Boeing 777 airplane she used to carry hundreds of journalists and fans on her week long promotional tour.

However, the 777 name also has another meaning, 7 concerts in 7 cities in 7 days.

Back in November 2012, over seven days the Barbadian star performed at seven different concerts, in seven different countries in order to promote her album ‘Unapologetic’.

This films follows Rihanna, her fans and the media circus on and off stage as they visit Mexico City Mexico, Toronto Canada, Stockholm Sweden, Paris France, Berlin Germany, London England and New York USA.