What’s the Most Expensive Guitar in the World?

What is the most expensive guitar in the world ever?

The most expensive or valuable guitar ever sold was a Fender Stratocaster which went in auction for a whopping $2.8 million (about £1.6 million).

The guitar was signed by numerous top musicians and was auctioned off to raise money for the Reach Out To Asia foundation.

The auction was held on the 16th of November in 2006 in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar.

Among the famous names to sign the Strat were Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney, Liam Gallahager, Bryan Adams, Tony Iommi, Brian May, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Pete Townsend, Jeff Beck, Ray Davies, Noel Gallahager, Sting, Angus Young and Mick Jagger.

It was Canadian rock star Bryan Adams who oversaw and initiated the project.