What’s Assetto Corsa’s release date?

Question: When is Assetto Corsa coming out and will it be released on Steam?

Answer: At this moment the sim’s Italian developers Kunos Simulazioni have yet to confirm an official release date for the eagerly awaited title.

So far the only announcement made is that Assetto Corsa will be coming out in Spring, 2013 though this now appears to be slightly delayed.

As far as Steam is concerned, AC is still available to vote for on Greenlight which suggests the video game download site is yet to accept the sim.

Hopefully though Steam will accept the nomination as it will greatly increase the sales of AC and thus bring down the selling price for the main sim plus any DLC.

As soon as we receive any official announcements with regards to release dates, Steam or cost we’ll update this page with the relevant information.

Rest assured though, it will be worth waiting for.