When is the XBOX 720 Coming Out?

When is the new XBOX 720 console coming out?

The new console from Microsoft, currently known as the XBOX 720 is expected to released before Christmas 2013.

Microsoft however have not yet set an exact release date. Perhaps due to the new PlayStation from Sony also expected to be brought out sometime this year, neither company seem to want to show their hand first.

All indications from industry insiders and Microsoft themselves suggest the new XBOX will be out sometime in 2013. The public could be getting it’s a first look during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco which takes place in late March.

As soon as we get any official news on specifications or a more specific release date we’ll update this page with the fresh information.

As well as 720, other names previously rumored for the new console included the XBOX Infinity and XBOX Loop but Microsoft may simply go for XBOX as with the original.

Recent rumors also suggested Microsoft would be bringing out a brand new gaming tablet called the X-Surface which will run together with the new console, perhaps similar to Nintendo’s Wii U. However this information is now believed to be false.

There’s lots of information already out there about possible graphics capabilities, types of controllers etc, but the fact is at this time it’s all pure speculation.