How long will Kobe Bryant be out injured?

Question: How long is Kobe Bryant likely to be out injured and unable to play?

Answer: The Lakers star now has a confirmed torn Achilles tendon injury which he picked up during Friday nights game against the Golden State Warriors.

Bryant had an MRI scan on Saturday in order to discover the true extent of the damage, the examination confirming the tear.

After receiving the results of the MRI, Kobe chose to have surgery on his torn left Achilles which according to the Lakers was successful.

However Bryant’s season is now officially over as he will now be out of action for at least 6 to 9 months in order to recover from the operation.

This means at the absolute earliest, the Lakers shooting guard won’t be back on the basketball court until October.

Aged 34 and now in his 17th season of top level NBA competition, there are doubts about whether Kobe will be able to return at all, let alone to his previous standard.

The LA Lakers are still expected to just make the 2013 playoffs, but without their star player it’s hard to see them having much of a post-season run this year.