Where did Ella Henderson come on X Factor?

Question: In what position did Ella Henderson come on the X Factor UK?

Answer: Amazingly, during the 2012 series of the UK X Factor, the supremely talented Ella Henderson only managed to finish in 6th position.

Ella was eliminated during week seven of the live shows after finding herself in the bottom two against the eventual winner, James Arthur.

By this stage of the competition there was no sing off where the judges then decided who gets eliminated, instead it came down purely to the public votes.

Even though Arthur went on to win, you’d have to imagine if it had been up to the judges they’d have probably saved Ella.

It’s been said that Ella Henderson had long been Simon Cowell’s favorite right through the competition and he’d expected her to win comfortably.

This opinion has been recently backed up by Cowell’s decision to sign Ella to his record label Syco, part of Sony Music.

So it looks like Ella may end up winning after all.

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