Where Did Marilyn Monroe Work When She Was Discovered?

Where did Marilyn Monroe work when she was discovered there by a photographer on assignment?

Back in 1945 Marilyn Monroe or as she was known then Norma Jean Dougherty, was discovered by military photographer David Conover.

This happened while Marilyn was working at the Radio Plane Munitions Factory.

Conover was sent by the 1st Motion Picture Unit of the United States Air Forces and more specifically by his commander, Captain Ronald Reagan.

His mission was to take pictures of some of the young women contributing to the US military war effort to be published in the magazine, Yank, The Army Weekly.

This was designed to help improve the moral of the nation and in particular it’s armed forces.

Having spotted the future Marilyn Monroe, David Conover took a series of photographs then advised she should join a modeling agency and the rest is history.