Where and When did the Great Fire of London Start and End?

Question: Where did the Great Fire of London Start and End, and when did it happen?

Answer: There is a bit of a food theme to the answer to this question. The Great Fire of London started at a bakery on Pudding Lane and eventually ended on Pie Corner.

The fire raged through the city of London starting on the 2nd of September 1666 and finishing on the 5th of September 1666.

It is debatable whether or not The Great Fire alone brought about the end of the plague which broke out in London in 1965. However the blaze did certainly help to bring it under control.

The fire burned down some of the most badly effected and crowded areas of London, then once rebuilt the buildings were more spaced out. This helped to prevent any further spread.

Although the number of lives lost as a direct result of the fire is unknown it is in fact very possible that it actually saved more lives than it took.