Where is Game of Thrones Filmed?

Where is Game of Thrones filmed

Where is the TV series Game of Thrones filmed?

These fantasy television series Games of Thrones has actually been filmed in multiple locations around the world featuring some incredible natural and man made scenery.

Much of the studio filming was done in the Northern Ireland capital city of Belfast at the Paint Hall Studios.

In addition to the studio, many of Game of Thrones exterior filming was also done in Northern Ireland. Castle Ward which is located to the south of Belfast was used as ‘Winterfell’s’ courtyard, Cairncastle is where they filmed the executions and Shane’s Castle played host to the tournaments.

Outside of Ireland, ‘Winterfell’s’ scenes for the shows pilot were filmed at Doune Castle in Scotland.

For the southern locations, the North African country of Morocco was used in the pilot before switching to the Mediterranean  island of Malta for season 1.

Game of Thrones Filming Locations - Dubrovnik, Croatia

In season 2 filming of the southern locations again switched, this time moving to Croatia in eastern Europe where the ‘Qarth’ scenes were shot. Dubrovnik provided a great visual backdrop with it’s near 2 km long medieval walls surrounding the coastal Croatian city.

For season 3 things once again switched, now moving back to Morocco.

Another key area where Game of Thrones has been filmed is the cold volcanic landscapes of Iceland. Multiple locations here acted as the lands north of the ‘Seven Kingdoms’ and ‘The Wall’ known as ‘Westeros’.