Where was Abraham Lincoln Assassinated?

Question: Where was US President Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

Answer: The 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln was shot on April 14th, 1865 at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C.

The modern day address of Ford’s Theater is 511 10th Street, NW, Washington.

One night just after the end of the American Civil War at the request of his wife, Lincoln reluctantly agreed to take the evening off and attend the theater  There they would see a performance of the play ‘Our American Cousin’.

During the play, actor and Confederate supporter John Wilkes Booth shot the President at point blank range inside the theater’s presidential box.

Lincoln would then die across the street at the Petersen House early the following morning.

On that night Lincoln had only been assigned one standard police officer for protection, John Frederick Parker and even he wasn’t on guard when needed.

Booth who felt strongly against slavery’s abolition, had originally been part of a conspiracy to kidnap Lincoln.

Ford’s Theater itself was renovated and reopened in 2009 to mark the 200th Birthday of Abraham Lincoln.

Along with the Petersen House, the building now makes up the Ford’s Theater National Historic Site.