Who is Jenson Button’s Girlfriend?

Who is the girlfriend of F1 driver Jenson Button?

If you’ve been watching any Formula One Grand Prix’s on TV recently you’ve probably seen brief glimpses or heard references to Jenson Button’s girlfriend Jessica, her full name is Jessica Michibata and she is far from simply an F1 WAG.

Jessica was born in Fukui, Japan in 1984 to her Japanese mother and Spanish/Italian father, she learned to speak English at the age of 16 and has become very successful in her own right long before dating Jenson.

She is a truly multi talented woman working as both a model and designer for the Japanese fashion company Samantha Thavasa and Tiara, she writes her own blog and has also recently filmed her own workout DVD entitled Jessica Body Design.

In addition to all this Jessica Michibata has also written her own book called Jessica’s Secret which features a selection of articles she wrote for Glamorous magazine. Here she talks about her own life experiences and gives advice and tips on subjects like fashion, beauty and finding love.

The couple originally meet in a Tokyo hotel bar in 2008 while Jenson was driving for the Japanese Formula One team Honda. At first Jessica was weary of Jenson’s offer of a date due to his perceived playboy image but after months of persistence she finally accepted while still being careful not to rush things.

Despite now having a multi millionaire F1 Champion as a boyfriend though Jessica say’s she has no intention to give up her own work and business pursuits.

With them both having busy careers that involve traveling all over the world this has led to problems in their relationship due to long periods of time apart. However things now seem to be going much better with the two of them always looking very happy when seen together.

Jessica can now be regularly spotted at race weekends in and around the McLaren pits, the couple also share many hobbies and can sometimes even be seen taking part in Triathlon events together.