Who is Samantha Jade?

Born on April the 18th 1987, Samantha Jade is best known for winning the 2012 series of the Australian X Factor. Upon becoming X Factor champion, Samantha released her up beat, dance style winners single What You’ve Done To Me.

Before winning season four of the Aussie talent show Samantha (full name Samantha Jade Gibbs) was already a songwriter having penned the track Secret Love for singer JoJo. She had also tried to launch her own solo career with little success having released a couple of singles which failed to sell a lot of copies.

Back in 2007 the Aussie singer was working on her debut album entitled My Name is Samantha Jade but despite having a number of producers involved, for various reasons the record was never released.

Having won the X Factor in 2012 though, Samantha will finally accomplish her aim of releasing her own album, release date December 7th 2012.

Who is Samantha Jade Dating? It’s not currently known for sure who Samantha is dating or if she is in fact single.