Who won Dancing on Ice 2013?

Question: Who won the 2013 series of Dancing on Ice?

Answer: This years series of the ITV show Dancing on Ice was won by Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle along with her professional ice skating partner Dan Whiston.

Despite the eventual runner-up, Eastender’s actor Matt Lapinskas consistently receiving the higher scores from the judges, the public voted Beth and Dan their favorites.

Matt and partner Brianne were awarded a perfect 40 by the judging panel multiple times in the final but it was the elegance and romance of Tweddle’s skates that won her the 2013 title.

After winning a Bronze medal in gymnastics at the 2012 Olympic games Beth turned her focus to the ice rink having never properly skated before.

Using the same work rate and dedication which made her a champion gymnast, the 27 year old quickly got the hang of things and became a natural on the ice.

Beth Tweddle was the eighth celebrity to win Dancing on Ice in the UK.