Who won the first FA Cup?

Question: Which team won the first ever FA Cup?

Answer: The first ever FA Cup final which took place in 1872 was won by Wanders F.C. who were an amateur side based in the city of London.

Wanderers beat the Royal Engineers 1-0 at Kennington Oval to take the inaugural trophy, the team was generally made up of ex-pupils from some of England’s top public schools.

The teams early domination in the competition would lead to them winning 6 of the first 9 FA Challenge Cup tournaments.

However as more teams were formed around the country, many players choose instead to represent their local sides resulting in Wanderers fielding lesser line-ups.

Eventually Wanderers F.C. were no longer able to find enough players to even take part in matches, this lead to the team folding around 1887.

However in 2009 the Wanderers club was reformed with the purpose of playing charity football matches.