Who won the Super Bowl 2013?

Question: Who won the 2013 Super Bowl game?

Answer: The 2013 Super Bowl which was contested by the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers was eventually won by Baltimore 34 points to 31.

Going into halftime the Ravens were ahead 21 – 6 and looked like they were cruising to victory. Baltimore then continued their dominance at the start of the second half with Jacob Jones setting a new NFL record kickoff return with a 109 yard field-goal.

Moments later play was brought to a halt when much of the Superdome’s lighting went out, leaving parts of the field and crowd in darkness.

After a delay of over half an hour, power was finally restored. The extended break in play now appearing to have cost the Ravens their momentum as the 49ers began a run of their own.

Despite a hard fought second half fight back though, the San Francisco 49ers ran out of time. The Baltimore Raven’s winning the 47th Super Bowl 34-31.