Wonders of Life Episode 1 – What is Life?

In episode 1 of BBC’s Wonders of Life, Brian Cox poses the question What is Life?

The professor sets out to answer this deep and sometimes mystical question scientifically, by explaining how energy is used as it flows through our universe over time.

As with Brian’s previous Wonders of series viewers will once again be treated to many stunning on screen locations as he uses them to help explain many of sciences deeper subjects.

From the Tall Volcano lake on the Philippine island of Luzon we’ll learn how energy in the form of heat rose up from deep within the Earth to help trigger the beginnings of life.

As since the birth of the universe the amount of energy within it has never increased or decreased, only changed form. Brian shows us how energy is channeled and focused in order for living things to grow and maintain their structure.

Also in the first episode Brian visits the rainforests of Borneo to see an animal with whom we share almost all our DNA, the orangutan. Here the prof explains how he believes DNA acts as a record through which we can trace life’s evolution here on planet Earth.

Here is a BBC preview of Wonders of Life, Episode 1 – What is Life? The Orangutan DNA code:

Is life purely the result of the laws of physics and chemical processes? If this is true then it may perhaps make us feel a little less special and unique here on our little rock floating through space.

After all, if life is an inevitability of energy, does this not mean the universe must be full of life?