Worlds Most Common Hobbies

What are the most common hobbies?

Throughout the world there are hundreds of popular hobbies, a hobby is basically anything someone does in their spare time for enjoyment or relaxation.

Clearly what type of hobby you’ll enjoy depends largely on your personality.

If your the sort of person who likes the quiet life and wants to take things easy you probably won’t appreciate bungee jumping.

Likewise any adrenaline junkies out there should probably steer clear of stamp collecting.

These are the things almost all of us do but don’t always consider hobbies, the more passive stuff. So in no particular order of popularity, here’s our list of the worlds most common hobbies:

1) Watching TV. Yeah I know, watching TV isn’t a proper hobby in the traditional sense but people do enjoy doing it in their spare time and it does help you relax.

Whether or not you consider television viewing a true hobby, you can’t deny it’s extremely popular.

2) Reading Books. A very common past-time and particularly good for relaxing, hence why many people read in bed before going to sleep. There are a number of parallels between reading and watching TV such as their abilities to help you unwind.

In many ways television is the more modern equivalent to the written word. Also both can be a great resource for learning when I comes to factual content.

3) Listening To Music. Despite their being a wide range of genres and tastes out there, many of us enjoy listening to good music. Be it to help you relax or add enjoyment while doing something else, there is a music genre to suit almost any mood.

4) Watching Movies. Though very similar to TV, being a big film fan is slightly more credible as hobbies go. Viewers like the escapism that movies offer and again there’s the relaxation element.

Plus if you go to the cinema to watch, you also get the social and shared experience factor, always something to talk about after on that first date.

5) Surfing The Web and Social Media. Perhaps something of a combination of the first four hobbies, millions of us around the world now spend hours everyday online doing something or other.

You can now watch TV and movies, read and listen to music all online. Again the web is a great tool for learning, also in recent years it’s become a top method for communication and an alternative form of socializing.