X Factor for Tech to Search for Next Technology Genius

Music industry rivals Will.i.am and Simon Cowell have announced they are joining forces to create a new kind of TV talent show. Instead of the usual singing contest format the two pop moguls will be shifting their focus to the world of technology.

Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am says the two have been working on a project together their currently calling X Factor for Tech. This project will see a worldwide search for the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates as they go looking for up and coming tech wizards.

Vocal talent will now be replaced by more practical skills in areas such as maths, science and engineering.

This new direction in TV talent shows is perhaps in response to the current global economic situation. The general lack of employment throughout the world may have led Cowell and Will.i.am to begin drawing attention towards the kinds of people who could actually make a difference.

The US rapper stated that someone winning a singing contest can create a few jobs whereas something in technology could create many.

One of the biggest criticisms of music based talent shows like the X Factor and The Voice is they create unrealistic dreams for young people. These days many people growing up believe the best or even the only way to become successful in life is by singing on TV. Lots of youngsters now value fame over any genuine skill or talent and see TV singing contests as their shortcut to success.

The reality is only a tiny percentage of people can make a living in the music industry but with hard work there are many other routes to a successful career.

The news of this up coming show offers hope there could be a shift in the youths perception of fame and success. Should the tech talent show catch on it could end up inspiring the next generation of scientists and computer geniuses.