X Factor’s Tulisa Feels Like the Most Hated Woman in Britain

UK X Factor judge Tulisa has admitted she is starting to feel very disliked in Britain due to multiple cyber hate campaigns.

Despite being voted the sexiest woman in the world by FHM readers this year the former N Dubs star is said to be on the receiving end of constant abuse via the social network site Twitter.

Whether this is the usual sort of things all celebs have to deal with or something worse it’s impossible to tell without actually seeing the messages. Tulisa herself says some people write the most “vicious”, “horrific and abusive messages”.

The X Factor mentor say she won’t let the comments get to her as despite all the abuse she reads on Twitter she never has any problems from people in person.

This Saturday night the singer begins the defense of her X Factor judge winners title from last year where she helped girl group Little Mix to success. This year she goes in as the favorite right from the start after being given the task of mentoring the Girls category which includes series stand out Ella Henderson.

Tulisa also has a new solo album coming out at the end of November during the peak of the X Factor’s popularity entitled The Female Boss.