GOBi Restaurant Bans 2 Customers from All You Can Eat Buffet

In a story reminiscent of an episode of The Simpsons a restaurant in Brighton England has banned two friends for constantly eating too much from their all you can eat buffet.

The Mirror newspaper reports how friends Andy Miles and George Dalmon had been regulars at the Gobi for two years before being shown the door.

The restaurants boss claims the two had been costing him money due to the sheer volume of food they were getting through.

For £12 each customer gets unlimited access to the buffet but the Gobi claims the “pigs” ruined the experience for everyone else, apparently rushing to get everything first.

Dalmon and Miles however claim the bowls given to you are simply too small so they are forced to eat directly from the buffet or go back for more.

Therefore the friends maintain the owners should stick to their all you can eat policy.

Should all you can eat mean just that? Restaurants must realize that part of the reason all you can eat themes prove so popular is that many customers see them as a challenge.

Why pay for an all you can eat deal to only have a standard size portion? Anyway, you’d think that some people eat less than average and others above average evening things out.

Although it’s important that all customers get fair access to the food on offer it’s hard to see how just two people can really make such a dent in a restaurants buffet and profits.

So as questioned in The Simpsons, is this the worst case of false advertising since the film The Never Ending Story?