Is THIS the worst dive EVER in football? – Crazy Jean Meneses Simulation

There have been many bad pieces of playacting in football over the years, but is this effort from Jean Meneses the worst ever dive?

Playing against club side Colo Colo in a Chilean Primera Division match, Universidad de Concepcion forward Meneses pulls off this shameful piece of simulation:

It’s hard to understand just what challenge the player was supposed to caught by. Our guess is Jean sees an attempted swipe from the defender that clearly misses him, then after what feels like an age, he makes the delayed decision to dive extremely theatrically on to the ground.

But as if the over the top nature of this fall wasn’t bad enough, even worse is the fact the referee buys it. With the game tied at 1-1, Jean Meneses successfully wins his side a penalty, which is converted to secure a 2-1 victory.

Surely if a video assistant referee (VAR) was active in this match, the penalty would not have been awarded and the diver himself would have been booked. However, for a dive that bad, a sending off and subsequent ban would be more appropriate.