Simon Cowell’s Anti Ageing Beauty Secret is Sheep Placenta Facials

Ever thought music industry boss Simon Cowell looks good for his 52 years? Well it turns out his latest anti ageing secret is in fact sheep placenta facials. The X Factor USA judge has been said to receive regular treatments as part of his beauty regime.

The secret was let slip by Beverly Hills Lancer dermatological employee Linda who treats Cowell in LA, the therapist was speaking on UK channel ITV1. Apparently stem cells from New Zealand sheep are applied to the face along with for some reason, flakes of 24 carrot gold.

To finish the procedure a medal probe is pushed over the skins surface to help the mixture penetrate the pores. Therapist Linda stated that Simon “Loves it”.

In case you wondered the whole treatment is said to cost around $500 or £320 so mere small change to the music mogul. This particular procedure however is just the latest in a long line of experimental beauty tips Cowell is said to be trying. The Lancer therapist says in addition to the common botox usage Mr Cowell is always looking out for the latest health fads including detox regimes and vitamin injections.

No doubt the X Factor judge will be less than impressed with his beauty therapists inability to keep his secrets to herself.

Simon isn’t the only celeb rumored to be experimenting with this latest LA craze though, Posh Spice Victoria Beckham is also said to be a big fan.