Sir Steve Redgrave to Light the Olympic Flame?

The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games is almost here and everybody has been wondering who will light the Olympic flame.

Top of the list of favorites for a long time now has been five time Olympic gold medalist Sir Steve Redgrave and with very good reason.

Sir Steve not only won five gold medals but he did so over the course of five separate Olympics, the first in 1984 and the last in 2000.

The man who is regularly referred to as the greatest Olympian in British history recently played down the rumors that he will be the one lighting the flame saying he’d be very surprised.

For most people though the surprise would be if he wasn’t the one receiving this great honor.

Britain is lucky enough to have a large selection of possible candidates to choose from including other Olympic greats, unsung members of the public who do great things for their communities and even Royalty.

It does however seem most fitting that an Olympian them self should get the games underway and in particular Sir Steve Redgrave.