When is David Bowie’s Album Out?

What is the release date for David Bowie’s new album, ‘The Next Day’?

According to his official website, ‘The Next Day’ will be out on Monday, March 11, 2013 in the UK and Tuesday, March 12 in the USA.

Bowie’s official Facebook page also informs us the album will be released on Friday the 8th of March in Germany, Ireland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden.

On Monday the 11th of March in Latin America (not including Mexico), Asia (not including Japan), New Zealand, South Africa, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands and Portugal.

On Tuesday the 12th of March in Mexico, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia and Canada.

On Wednesday the 13th of March in Japan.

Then finally on Friday the 15th of March in Australia.

The new album is being released on Bowie’s record label ‘Iso’, licensed by Columbia Records.