Does Selfridges still exist today?

Question: Does the Selfridges store that is featured in the TV show Mr Selfridge still exist today?

Answer: The department store which the show ‘Mr Selfridge’ is based in and around is a real store which still exists today, located in Oxford Street, London, England.

The original store was opened way back in 1909 by founder Harry Selfridge, since then three more stores have been added to the chain.

The second store was opened in the North of England in 1998 at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Then in 2002 another Manchester Selfridge was launched, this time in the city location of Exchange Square.

Finally the most recent store was opened in England’s midlands at the Bullring shopping centre, Birmingham.

The London branch remains one of the largest shops in all of Britain, second only to Harrods.