Who invented the Harlem Shake?

Question: Who invented the Harlem Shake meme dance and was first to upload a video to YouTube?

Answer: The internet meme was first created by five Australians who uploaded their Harlem Shake dance video under the YouTube username of ‘TheSunnyCoastSkate’.

The original video which only lasts 31 seconds was uploaded to YouTube entitled ‘The Harlem Shake v1 (TSCS original) on February 15, 2013.

Within it’s first two weeks online, the video received nearly 20 million views and has allegedly lead to over 40,000 meme remakes by people all over the world.

There are so many of these videos on YouTube now that they are literally being uploaded faster than you could watch them all.

The music used in these videos is the track ‘Harlem Shake’ by the US DJ and producer Baauer.

Here is the original Harlem Shake v1 TSCS video by The Sunny Coast Skate: