How Does Twitter Work?

Despite it’s massive worldwide popularity many non users still wonder how does Twitter work?

Regardless of whether or not you spend much time online you can’t help but regularly see or hear references to Twitter.

Be it hash tag this or retweet that, many program’s you watch on TV these days constantly mention the social network site.

News papers and broadcasters often source stories directly from celebrities tweets now. On the other side of things, TV presenters and advertisers actively encourage viewers to tweet about their shows and products to increase publicity.

So what’s it all about then? For those of you who are beginners or don’t know the first thing about Twitter, here’s the basic premise of the site.

Twitter is designed to allow users to keep track of what their friends, family and even favourite celebrities are doing. Conversely it’s users can keep everyone else up to speed with their own activities and thoughts.

Once you create a Twitter account which is free, you choose who you want to follow. Then anytime any of these people post a message (known as a Tweet) it will come up on your screen in your Twitter “Feed”.

One of the interesting features of this system is it allows people in the public eye such as celebrities and sporting stars a direct and instant method of communication with their followers.

This means no being miss quoted in the press or having to wait for a chance to voice their opinions.

For fans Twitter gives them up to the second info and unique insights into their idols everyday lives, plus fans are able to reply to tweets which that person can then read.

Users can also “Retweet” posts, this means the original tweet is copied and posted again by the follower. This allows users to share a tweet they particular like with their own followers.

No longer is the public reliant on the traditional media to follow events and peoples accounts of them. Twitter now provides a direct line of communication between users and the world.

Let’s just reserve tweeting for sharing details of the more interesting and significant events though yeah? Not that you just eat cereal for breakfast.