How Tall Richard Osman off Pointless?

Question: What is the height of Richard Osman off the show Pointless?

Answer: Richard Osman who appears, along with Alexander Armstrong on the BBC quiz show pointless is in fact 6 ft 7 in tall, or about 2 meters.

Even regular viewers of the show may have failed to notice Richard’s greater than average height as the sharp witted co-host spends all his on-screen time sat behind a desk.

In addition to his TV appearances, Osman also works as a director and producer for the television production company, Endemol UK.

As well as Pointless, Endemol make many of the UK’s most popular shows including Big Brother, The Million Pound Drop Live, Deal or No Deal and 8 Out of Ten Cats.

Another of Richard’s most notable credits includes being voted ‘Weirdest Crush’ by Heat magazine in 2011, though he then dropped to third place in 2012.

Now there’s some obscure knowledge for you.