Who sings I wanna be with you everywhere in the Moon-Walking Pony advert?

Question: Who sings the song that goes I wanna be with you everywhere?

Answer: That song which was recently featured in a television¬†advertisement¬†for the mobile phone network ‘Three’ is called ‘Everywhere’ and is sung by the rock band Fleetwood Mac.

The single ‘Everywhere’ from the album ‘Tango in the Night’ was released in 1987 in the United States then in 1988 in the UK.

The Three advert below features Socks the Shetland pony dancing and moon-walking to the track:

Fleetwood Mac are a British and American rock band named after their drummer Mick Fleetwood, the group first got together in 1967.

The band is still going today however Mick is the only original member still in the line-up, here is the original version of Everywhere: