Wigglez Study Discovers Universe is not Fractal Shaped

A study by the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research has concluded that the Universe is not a fractal as once suggested.

A fractal is a type of object which appears to look the same at any scale. Although to a point the universe does appear to be a fractal, over a wide enough view this pattern begins to change.

The researchers who are based at the University of Western Australia used the Anglo-Australian Telescope to locate 200,000 separate galaxies which covered a massive three billion light years across cubic area of space, a larger area than ever achieved before.

Instead of finding a fractal pattern to the distribution of galaxies, the researchers discovered they were in fact spread very evenly perhaps like in the WiggleZ Simulation image below.

In this image we see a slice from the WiggleZ simulation which gives us another possible form of matter/galaxy spread across the universe, this was researched in Morag Scrimgeour’s (pictured below and speaking in the video) studies.