Lingerie Company Get’s Facebook Campaign Banned

The lingerie company Lovable Besties has recently had one of it’s Facebook promotions banned by the industry regulator.

The company wanted girls to post photo’s of themselves and friends on their page wearing nothing but their underwear.

The lingerie company tempted female Facebook users to shed their clothes for the camera by offering prizes for the best pics.

However this clearly didn’t sit right with a number of users as the Advertising Standards Bureau received multiple complaints about the page.

These complaints were later upheld resulting in Lovable Besties promotion being banned.

This company was seen to be encouraging women and girls to take revealing photo’s of themselves and share them online.

It was also believed younger Facebook users who saw the campaign could have interpreted it as meaning that kind of activity is acceptable and normal.

The ASB ruled the promotion to be breaching the Advertiser Code of Ethics to the disappointment of Lovable Besties.

You have to wonder though just how disappointed they really are because as the saying goes no publicity is bad publicity.

Having the promotion banned has surely created more publicity for the underwear company than they could have ever hoped to achieved otherwise.

It seem for advertisers who want to get their brand name out there you still can’t beat the shock factor for getting attention.