Which Simpsons Episode Did Anne Hathaway Appear In?

Question: Which episode of The Simpsons did actress Anne Hathaway appear in?

Answer: So far American actress Anne Hathaway has actually appeared in three episodes of The Simpsons.

The ‘Les Mis’ star made her first special guest appearance in 2009 on the episode ‘The Good, The Sad and The Drugly’. There she voiced the character Jenny whom Bart meets and quickly falls for while visiting Grandpa at the retirement home.

Then in 2010 Hathaway returns to the show, this time to voice the character Princess Penelope in ‘Once Upon a Time in Springfield’. Princess Penelope is brought on to the Krusty The Clown Show in order to boost ratings, this time it’s Krusty who becomes romantically involved.

For her role on The Simpsons as Princess Penelope, Anne Hathaway was awarded the Primetime Emmy in 2010 for Outstanding Voice Over Performance.

Hathaway then made a brief re-appearance as Jenny in the 2012 episode ‘Moonshine River’ where Bart visits a number of his ex-girlfriends.